On the Streets

On a regular basis, I like to talk a group on a photo walk around the local towns and cities in Lancashire and surrounding areas. Cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, but also the smaller cities and towns like Preston, Chester, and Blackpool.

The walks are there to help people who are new to street photography or are just wanting to go out and shoot but with a social element to them.  We generally meet at a local coffee shop close to the main train station where we introduce each other, catch up and talk a little about the day ahead. Not to mention enjoy a coffee. From there, we'll set out on the walk to explore different aspects of the city. I generally have a route in my head, but it can change depending on the day and what we see happening. We explore for about 3 hours give or take before we finish at a cafe for a well-earned lunch and a review of the day.

The next On The Streets photo walk will be on -

Saturday, February 17th in Manchester.

This coincides with the Chinese New Year so the day should give us ample opportunity for spotting something different and hopefully some interesting interactions between people.

If you're interested in joining use of a photo walk at please contact me and I'll give you the details or join the On The Streets Facebook group where there is a lot of information, examples, hints and tips on street photography.

Lady walking in Manchester streets pulling a heavy suitcase. A Heavy LoadTaken on a Manchester Photo walk.